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Friday 31 August 2018

Modern Russians in 20mm

The next stage in my 20mm  Bolt Action moderns project is some Russians. Starting with some basic infantry to go with the very nice die-cast T80 and BTR APCs. These can be used as intervention forces in a number of Eastern European actual or potential conflicts.

The bulk of the painting time is spent with the complex camouflage used by modern forces. The Russians are a little easier than the British, but I haven't got these quite right. In smaller scales you need to use sharper contrasts than is technically correct, otherwise after applying an ink wash they are just not that visible.

Lessons for the future, but they will do for now. I have started with three fire teams and an HMG. I will add heavy weapons next as reinforcements have just arrived from Liberation Miniatures. My reference book is 'The Modern Russian Army 1992-2016' by Mark Galeotti.

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