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Sunday 28 October 2018

Fiasco Leeds

I travelled down to Leeds today for the Fiasco wargames show. 

Last time I was here it was held in the Royal Armouries, but now it has moved over the square to a conference hall.

The new venue isn’t any bigger than the old and this means it is largely a trade show with little room for games. I picked up books scenery and a nice Lynx helicopter for my modern Brits. 

The games were necessarily on the small size and there were a couple of gems.

My favourite was Ravenna.

I also liked this depiction of the war in Chechnya.

There was some Balkan interest with the Battle of Varna.

Quite a lot of Battletech which will keep some club members happy and other small scale games.

And a WAB Battle - nostalgia in action.

Finally, it is true, all wargamers really are called Dave!

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