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Saturday 20 October 2018

Military modelling inspiration

I was at the IPMS show in Glasgow today. Not my hobby, but the standard of modelling should be an inspiration for any wargamer - even if we have to compromise for quantity and robustness.

I am not a big fan of kits for wargame purposes, but that doesn't mean I didnt make a few purchases. Modelling weathering materials can be used on wargaming AFVs, so long as you varnish afterwards. Paints and sprays are usually very good and in a wider range of colours than you get at wargame shows. They also have books and I picked up a volume on the Habsburg's early air force that I hadn't seen before.

The main reason for going is to see the displays. This rail gun was my favourite - frightening to think how many hours went into this.

And more than a few others that caught my eye.

And in case you were tempted to pick any of the models up, as is common at wargame shows - don't!

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  1. A fantastic exhibition ... to devour with eyes, not hands! Gorgeous!