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Sunday 25 August 2019

More Hungarians

I've been on a bit of a painting roll. Allocating an hour or two most evenings during the week makes a  big difference. As a consequence, the WW2 Hungarian project is complete - for now!

First up we have the parachute assault section.

Then the support units - mortar, HMG, command and spotter.

A Csaba armoured car. Named after a son of Attila the Hun, more than 100 of these were built in Hungary before and during WW2. They were armed with a 20mm cannon and a co-axial MG. This is the Warlord model. It is a resin model, I won't buy their awful plastic kits. It went together pretty well other than the usual problem with lugs for the guns. They have made a bit of an effort with this one, but as my teachers used to say - could do better!

Turan II medium tank. This is the later model with a 75mm gun. Still obsolete by the time, it entered service, but a big improvement on the MkI. This is a 3D printed model from P&G Miniatures. This is an excellent, robust wargame model. It comes in two parts and arrived with virtually no flash. Very impressed and will be a return customer.

I see Warlord have just brought out an ATG and crew, so I will probably return to this project. However, I need to start work on some opponents - the Soviets!

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  1. Very nice paint job. Look at mad Bob for more Hungarian models. Another possible enemy for the Hungarians would be the late war Romanians who hated the Hungarians with a passion.