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Saturday 3 August 2019

Claymore 2019

It's August, so it must be Claymore - Edinburgh's premier, well only, wargames show. And it was another fine show put on by the South East Scotland Wargames Club, who as usual did a great organisational job.

I was stuck at our game most of the day, with a steady stream of players participating in the GDWS game - Battle of Riverrun. I must try and remember that Game of Thrones has a lot of adult content so lots of kids haven't seen it. None the less, castles and dragons remain a winning combination!

I only had time for a quick tour around the stalls. Chatting to them, they were doing good business, even if they felt the numbers were a bit down in the afternoon. It is the first Saturday of the football season. I picked up a couple of Zulu Wars army packs from Pendragon, more on this new project to come. Plus a few books on the same theme.

It was also a pleasure to say hello to Henry Hyde, up to the show for the first time. I will look forward to hearing what he thought in his report.

There were a number of very nice looking games. Here are those that caught my eye.

Starting with this Balkan game, similar to one we ran a few years ago. GDWS members being astonished that someone else was doing this. I did point out that the Balkans and Game of Thrones are pretty similar!

This naval battle definitely caught the eye.

I have no idea what this is, but very colourful.

Grand strategic Eastern Front.

I think this was also at Carronade, but worth a second go.

Austro-Prussian if memory serves. 10mm works well for this conflict.

This was a very long table full of Hueys and other Vietnam stuff.

This To The Strongest game was next to us, full of the very nice Claymore Castings figures.

And finally, Tradeston with ADLG. They even had the rule book out!

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  1. Thanks for the post, game looks great. Didn't make it this year so good to see some of the games on offer.