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Sunday 26 September 2021

Carronade 2021

 It felt terrific to get back to a wargame show yesterday. Organising a game, meeting old friends in the hobby, chatting to traders - all the very best about our hobby. Last year, the Falkirk club made a smart decision that their regular May slot wouldn't happen and plumped for a September date.

More than 500 visitors through the door and many more organising games and a good range of traders made the trip. It's a busy schedule for traders at present, with a mass of shows condensed into the latter part of the year. I relieved them of some 20mm modern armoured vehicles, lots of bases and paints. Interestingly, no figures though. Nothing really caught my eye, and so the lead mountain has not been added to.

There was a wide range of games as usual. While I like the beautifully crafted tables that you get at some shows, one of the things I liked about Carronade this year is that almost every game could have been run at a club. It's important to show newcomers to the hobby that the bar is not set too high. The GDWS game that Andy and I put on had lots of scenery, but we have done smaller versions at the club. The Fallschirmjager managed to capture the bridge and the village, not without casualties. 

We had plenty of help from members, so I did get a chance to get around the show a couple of times. But, sadly, not much time to linger at some very nice games.

Many thanks to the Falkirk club for organising.


  1. I could not make it so great to see your report and pictures.I hope everybody also felt safe as we tried to organise it that way.

  2. Some nice looking games. Good to see some shows happening.

  3. Thanks for the photos of the show and glad that it went well for all concerned:)

  4. Thanks for the splendid pics.

  5. Great report and pics ...thanks for posting.