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Saturday 1 August 2015

Claymore 2015

Just a very quick visit to Claymore today. Flying out on my honeymoon, coincidently from Edinburgh Airport! Heading to the Balkans of course, as I type this from our hotel in Croatia.

So just time to say hello to folk and purchase a few essentials. Some Warlord French and Polish Napoleonic line infantry for my Peninsular project, together with some Perry cannon. A few books and foam storage.

The Wargamer's bride got into the spirit with the Durham lads 54mm Napoleonics. If my eyesight doesn't improve I might be joining them!

First stop of course was the GDWS display. Arial Dystopian Wars. Got an honourable mention in Wrgames Illustrated this month.

Then a few more games, some old and some new, that caught my eye.

Starting with a Balkan game, Gallipoli.

Then Iain (Flags of War) from our club with this ECW game

The Sally 4th team showing off their very fine buildings here

Not sure what this snowy naval scene is, but it's very good.

This looks like another day out for the Hydaspes game.

Ditto for these fine buildings.

And the Phoenix lads with Lion Rampant.

As usual, thanks to the Edinburgh lads for putting a fine show on.


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