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Saturday 5 August 2017

Claymore 2017

Another fine Claymore show in Edinburgh today. Well organised as ever in a good venue, helped by the cooler weather.

Running a participation game doesn't give much time to get around the show, but I added a few more figures to my BEF 1940 project from Crusader Miniatures. Then a total collapse at the Warlord stall, with a pile of French figures for the same period.

Our participation game 'Take the Pass!' Had a steady stream of players, who all enjoyed the game. The Turks held on in one of the four games. Turkish Delight went down well for the winners!

My photos of other games that caught my eye. 

Starting with Ramillies in 6mm from Glasgow Phoenix.

Burma 1944 - big game Bolt Action

Nappies from League of Augsburg

Nordlingen - 30 Years War from the Durham club

Trojan War

Very nice ACW game from The Iron Brigade

More Nappies from Border Reivers

Wings of War, always a popular participation game

Nijmegen Bridge, seen the film, play the game!

Many thanks to the South East Scotland Club for a good day.


  1. And many thanks for putting on your game.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed playing it

  3. Thanks for posting these, Dave - it all reminds me of what I'm missing...

  4. Thanks for posting pics of our Burma game - we had a great day! Chris & Patricia Brown.