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Sunday 11 March 2018

Canadian Warplane Museum and Niagara Military Museum

These are a couple of museums I visited on my recent trip to Canada. Both are worth a look.

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum is situated next to Hamilton International Airport. I probably didn't see it at its best because the building was hosting a wood exhibition. Wood carving is clearly a popular hobby in Ontario, at least judging from the stalls and visitors.

I therefore assume the planes are little better spaced out normally. They have a number of classics like the Lancaster bomber, Spitfire and Hurricane, as well as more obscure Canadian produced aircraft. Here are a few photos and the list of planes is on the website.

and a model of a Canadian Air Force base in Burma

finally a memorial to troops killed in Afghanistan

The Niagara Military Museum is housed in the former Niagara Falls Armoury, built in 1911. It's a real gem of a museum covering the military history of the people and the local area. The volunteer guide was very helpful and hugely knowledgable. This added much to the experience. I recognise the falls are the tourist draw, but don't miss this museum.

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