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Saturday 11 May 2019

Carronade 2019

Today was the annual Falkirk wargame show, Carronade. As usual, well organised by the Falkirk Club in a good venue.

There was a good range of traders, and as our participation game was quieter than usual, I was able to spend more time making my wallet lighter. I picked up the new version of Blitzkrieg Commander and some much-reduced copies of Strategy and Tactics with a Balkan theme. The flea market generated some purchases, including some nice French Napoleonic Dragoons and some 20mm modern armour. Plus paint, bases etc.

Our participation game was Breakout from Zara, Italians invading Yugoslavia in 1939. The array of unusual weaponry entertained many guessing what they were!

The supply depot objective for the Italians to capture.
There were plenty of games, display and participation. Here are some of those that caught my eye.

Thanks again to Falkirk for a good day out and promoting the hobby so well.


  1. Yeap a great gaming day..great pictures. ... and a Stalingrad game report is on our blog
    if anyone likeS big WW2 gameS its worth a peek..

  2. Do you mind if we link to this from the Carronade Website?