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Sunday 19 May 2019

Modern Russians

Much as I enjoyed the Royal Yugoslav Army project, it was good to make progress on something else with Carronade out of the way. One of those projects is the modern period in 20mm using the Bolt Action adaptation, published by Jay's Wargaming Madness.

I needed some more Russians for various current day scenarios. My last effort at modern camouflage was too fine, I think this goes too far the other way, although it is at least identifiable. The models come from the Liberation Miniatures range.

First up we have two sniper teams. The bushes I picked up at Carronade. They are from a Portuguese company called Gamers Grass.

Then two rifle squads, a command team and artillery spotter.

Finally, some support teams including a mortar team, HMG and SAM.

On the modern theme, I picked up a copy of Strategy & Tactics March-April 2019 issue at Carronade. The feature game is 'Red Tide South'. A hypothetical 1980's Cold War invasion of Italy by the Soviet Union. The starting point would have been Hungary and most invasion routes would go through neutral Austria and Yugoslavia. Assuming those countries remained neutral, the NATO forces would rely on the Italian Army, supported by US units in the region, mostly marines from the 6th Fleet.

The terrain facing the Soviets would be very challenging if they had to fight their way through Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. Until they reach the north Italian plain.

I am not a big fan of board wargames, I generally find them too complex. However, the maps are useful for campaigns and this one is particularly good.

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