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Friday 28 June 2019

Countdown to the Battle of Riverrun

I've been on a roll with Game of Thrones painting. The GDWS game for Claymore on 4 August in Edinburgh will be The Battle of Riverrun. The Lannisters will do battle against the Starks and their allies near the Tully castle.

Not for the first time, I thought that's plenty of time to finish painting all those units. Then I realised that being away for two weeks on holiday leaves only three weeks of painting time.

So, after giving the Khorne Red paint jar a good shake - here we have a unit of Lannister Halberdiers, with Tyrion Lannister for a bit of encouragement.

Thankfully, my usual display game partner, David Muir (Yogi Dave's Hobby Corner), has chipped in by painting several of the Stark units. He has just finished these riders,

and a unit of swordsmen. He has a grunge style of painting which suits the northerners and contrasts well with my smart Lannisters. All that gold to play with!

Still a few units and a number of personalities to go, but the task now looks manageable.

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