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Sunday 30 June 2019

Lakeland Wargames Show

Two wargame shows in one weekend is probably pushing domestic bliss a bit. However, the Lakeland show is held in the Rheged Centre, which has shopping and other activities to keep your loved ones happy for an hour or so.

This isn't a big show, although it attracted a decent number of traders, some clearly on their way home from the Glasgow show yesterday. As I didn't have much time yesterday, I picked up a range of stuff. The big purchase was all in on Warlord's new Hungarian range and the associated campaign book. Just what I need, a new project!

The show was a bit light on games. At least it seemed to be compared with my last visit a couple of years ago. A pity because there was space for more.

I think this was Star Wars Legion, with some pretty huge trees, which probably means something to Star Wars buffs.

This was a very nicely done ACW skirmish using Rebels and Patriots.

A neat use of 6mm figures for Culloden. You could almost make a travel game from this.

And the big game was 18th century India, using Black Powder rules.

I probably wouldn't have made the journey just for the show, but as we were passing it would have been rude not to attend. At the start of the Scottish School holidays, this could be a regular. But don't tell you know who!

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