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Monday 3 June 2019

Assyrians completed

Always nice to actually finish a project. The second half of my 15mm Assyrian army includes the cavalry and chariots.

I have never had a chariot army before, other than a couple of small Celtic ones. These are serious four horse heavy chariots, with a general element.

Then the heavy cavalry with bows and another general.

Finally the Arab camelry and Scythian horse archers.

Time to get the full army onto the tabletop. The opposition was Classical Greek, the oldest army I have. I designed the army for ADLG rules, but I will also use them for To the Strongest.

Unusually for a new army, they actually won. The Assyrian shooting ability enables you to weaken a spear army before getting into combat. The right-wing chariots won comfortably as did the centre. The cavalry on the left ran out of space and lost out to spears, but by then the game was done.

This has scratched the Biblical itch, although I really need another Biblical army as wargamers disease strikes again! Now, who do Egyptians......


  1. Awesome units, especially the chariots!

  2. Very nice...really like the basing and variety of figures.

  3. Hittites.Then Egyptians.Then....