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Sunday 3 February 2019

Varpartnak 2019

The start of the war game show year for me is usually Varpartnak in York. I missed last year as I was down with the flu, so I was pleased to make the trip this year.

The racecourse main stand is an unusual venue, but very adaptable for a wargames show. Light and spacious with plenty of catering. I walked past the old venue for this show, the Merchant Venturers Hall, on Saturday night. It was neither light or spacious, although it did have plenty of character. 

While packed with trade stalls there are still some great games at this show. The winter modelling efforts are there for all to see.

Visually, the Bridlington table was stunning, although it is more of a diaorama than a game. 

I also liked the WW1, Middle East game.

On the desert theme, the Indiana Jones game was eye catching, although I am still not sure how the plane got there!

There were a number of smaller participation games that were doing good business all day. I am struggling to resist buying Cobi tanks!

Finally, replica Roman artillery and other kit. Very impressive.

I was on the train, so resisted some bulky purchases. I did however succumb to a Viking shield maiden hearthguard for Lagatha from Annie. Some Bolton Cuthroats as well as bases etc. 

Well worth the effort.

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