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Saturday 23 February 2019

Viper's Blood

This is the fourth book in David Gilman's, Master of War series. Set in 1359, our hero Thomas Blackstone is commanding his company in the army of Edward III, which is embarked on another invasion of France.

The French King had been captured at Poitiers in 1356 and had agreed to hand over vast tracts of French lands as part of the ransom. His son the Dauphin was refusing to honour the treaty and so Edward brings a huge army to France. This campaign was less successful and got bogged down in sieges at Rheims and Paris. The country had been ravaged and his supply train was overextended in what became a winter campaign.

Blackstone is of course in the thick of the action. Capturing part of the Royal Mint and a nearby town. Once peace is agreed he is tasked with escorting a French princess who is being married off to the Despot of Milan as a way of financing the deal. Italian politics intervene and he is betrayed. A neat twist at the end leads to the inevitable climactic battle.

This is historical fiction at its very best. I had downloaded this book onto my Kindle some time ago and forgotten about it. Not a mistake I will make again as Book 5 is already out. Great characters, convincing action, intrigue and sex are all present with some really good writing. Highly recommended.

And inspiration for a game of Lion Rampant!

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