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Thursday, 13 August 2020

Russ infantry

 Back to painting 28mm figures this week, much to the relief of my eyesight! My Russ project, courtesy of the Golden Horde TV series, needed some infantry.

There isn't a lot of choice other than city militia with figures from Gripping Beast. These didn't irritate me as much as the Druzhina. The shields glued on pretty well and the LBM transfers worked fine, so my faith in them is restored. There is a lot of drilling to do to get the spears through the hands but the plus side is that the spears are pretty robust. I dusted down my mini-electric drill set for the job. My wife was keen to chuck this out during the last garage clean out, so I made sure it stayed on the study floor for a few days, just to show I do use it!

The Russ didn't use a lot of infantry archers, but a few are justified for either supporting the spearmen or as light infantry. Again, Gripping Beast figures. I do like the big bushy moustache on these figures.

I have primed the last of the Druzhina for the painting bench. And with some generic horse archers and a few mercenaries that will be enough for my Oathmark and Lion Rampant games.

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